Abstract Summary

Fashioning the past
Sri Lankan Dress Characteristics to the World Fashion Trends

Sri Lanka is an island, centrally located in the Indian Ocean has a long fashion history from 5th Century BC. The article is about a well demarcated fashion period in Sri Lanka. Kandyan reign of Sri Lanka lasted from 14th Century to 1815 AD. Comparatively to the western fashion history, Kandyan era of Sri Lanka marked a signpost in Sri Lankan fashion history. Although the evolution of Sri Lankan dress is not so prominent during early kingdoms there was a drastic change in the evolution of costume in Kandyan period.
Kandyan era emerged as a new fashion movement with unique characteristics. The research focuses on a distinguish feature, that is, arranging a complete outfit by making knots, frills, pleats and folds of a long fabric rather than tucking pins or sewing. By arranging wad of pleats in certain place emphasis the body contours. Kandyan fashions are still in vogue among Sri Lankans. Kandyan fashions have been practiced in ceremonial occasions with some limitations at present since then.
The objective of the research is incubating new faction concepts from identified fashion characteristic of the kandyan era to the future.
Business Profile

Gayathri M. Ranathunga
Lecturer, Fashion Design and Product Development, Department of Textile and Clothing Technology, Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

Mrs.Gayathri M. Ranathunga who will be the presenter of the conference, has the degree of BA (Hons) Fine Arts. She gained post graduate certificate in ‘Learning and Teaching in Art, Design and Communication’ at Centre for learning and Teaching in Art and Design (cltad) held by the University of the Arts London in 2006. She has recently completed her PhD degree in Fashion philosophy. She is waiting for the results of the examiners. With collaboration of her PhD supervisor Prof. Nimal De Silva she is involving in this research.
She joined as a lecturer to the University of Moratuwa in 2004. She has almost seven years experiences in teaching fashion Design and Product development. She teaches following subjects: Fashion Consumerism, Historical and Contextual Studies in Fashion, Fashion Illustrations.

Nimal De Silva
Senior Professor, Faculty of Architecture, University of Mortuwa, Katubedda, Sri Lanka

4th International Fashion Incubators Conference : 21-25 October 2013
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