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Toronto Fashion Incubator – Past, Present & Future

The Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI) is an award-winning, non-profit organization that provides critical support, resources and workspace to new and emerging fashion entrepreneurs. Developed in 1987 by the City of Toronto, TFI is the world’s first official fashion incubator and the longest-running centre of its kind.

Conference attendees will discover the TFI story from humble beginning and growing pains, to lessons learned, present day successes and challenges, and future strategies. This presentation will encourage attendees to engage in conversational dialogue and idea-sharing, with a focus on future growth opportunities for all fashion incubators.

Selling to Canada: DIY or Hiring an Agent

If you're interested in exporting to Canada, attend this informative session and discover what buyers are looking for, how to break into the market and learn about typical Canadian business practices such as agent commissions, showroom fees and retail pricing structures. You'll also learn about regional differences, consumer preferences and how this impacts buyers' choices in selecting merchandise.

Business Profile
Susan Langdon, Executive Director
Toronto Fashion Incubator

Susan Langdon is a native Torontonian, former fashion designer and graduate of Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. Throughout her 30+ years in the fashion industry, she has received many honours and awards including the City of Toronto’s Industry Achievement Award and being inducted into Ryerson’s Alumni Hall of Fame.
 As executive director and CEO of the Toronto Fashion Incubator, Susan is responsible for the centre’s finances and operations. She has been with the organization for almost 18 years.
4th International Fashion Incubators Conference : 21-25 October 2013
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